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Fill out the form below if you are interested in being apart of any future shows with Wake Entertainment. We will contact you as soon as we find a show that we think we be a great fit for you and us!


  • Tell us the name of the best person to contact for future shows.
  • Tell us the best phone number to contact you.
  • Tell us the best email to reach you.
  • Tell us the name of your project.
  • Tell us which music genre you fit into the most. You can input 2 genres.
  • Give us your Facebook profile so that we can connect and like your page!
  • Give us your ReverbNation url so that we can view your profile, listen to your music and view your ranking/stats.
  • Give us your SoundCloud url so that we can listen to your music.
  • Give us your Bandcamp url so that we can look more into your band or project.
  • Give us your Website url so that we can look more into your band or project.
  • Create a Electronic Press Kit via Dropbox and enter link url here.
    If you need help, check out this blog! Creating Your EPK
  • Tell us how many times you are available to perform per month.
  • Give us an estimate draw of fans that attend your performances.
  • Tell us your top 2-3 future goals you have for your band or project.
  • Tell us more about your band or project and why you are interested in performing shows for Wake Entertainment.
  • If you have anything else you think we should know about you, please do that here.